Work package: User-centric service and system design


D2.1 Use cases and requirements 2.50 MB 158 downloads

The initial set of requirements for the iFLEX solution covering: functions to be...

D2.2 User engagement and co-creation framework & plan 1.43 MB 49 downloads

The methodology and approach to user engagement and co-creation activities in iFLEX ...

D2.3 Common architecture of iFLEX Framework 3.00 MB 39 downloads

This document covers the first phase of the design process, consisting of context,...

Work package: Artificial Intelligence for forecasting and automated flexibility management


D3.1 Initial hybrid-modelling module 4.46 MB 24 downloads

This deliverable documents the initial digital twin repository module of the iFLEX...

D3.4 Initial natural user interfaces 3.95 MB 18 downloads

This report has two main objectives: 1. to serve as a guide for the development process...

D3.7 Initial automated flexibility management module 576.10 KB 19 downloads

First iteration of the Automated Flexibility Management module responsible for evaluating...

Work package: Consumer engagement, incentive mechanisms and economic sustainability


D5.1 Initial market analysis and iFLEX business models 3.95 MB 33 downloads

This deliverable describes the overview of the current and future energy market context...

D5.2 Initial iFLEX consumer engagement and incentive mechanisms 1.10 MB 13 downloads

Report on the preliminary design and evaluation of economically efficient Demand...

Work package: Piloting and validation


D7.1 Initial pilot specifications 1.39 MB 48 downloads

Initial (prepilot) specifications for the three iFLEX pilots in Greece, Slovenia...

Work package: Project management


D1.1 Initial data management plan 325.34 KB 29 downloads

The plan is based on the Horizon 2020 Data Management Manual which lays out basic...

Work package: Impact Creation, Exploitation & Dissemination


D9.3 Project website and social media accounts 395.30 KB 31 downloads

Description of the project website and social media platforms ...