The Slovenian pilot covers two regions in continental Slovenia, Kozjansko and Savinjska. Both areas have a high share of renewable energy sources, such as solar power systems and hydro power plants, which challenge the stability of the local electricity distribution grid and which need to be mitigated by adjustment of the electricity demand.

The role of the iFLEX Assistant is to enable households in the area to participate in the balancing of supply with demand whereby they offer their flexibility, for example by moving consumption to times when there is plenty of power in the system. In turn for the flexibility, they gain benefits which can be economic, environmental or personal.

Pilot participants will be provided with a Home Energy Management System in which the assistant’s functionalities are integrated and customised to consumer preferences. The main purpose of the assistant is to learn and adapt to the household behaviour based on these wishes. To make operation as easy as posssible for the consumer, the process of receiving demand signals (e.g. increase or reduce consumption) and performing a response (increasing or reducing consumption) is automated.

The pilot is managed by the Slovenian energy retailer and service company ECE d.o.o.