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A talk about iFLEX

In this podcast by Enlit, Project Coordinator Markus Taumberger introduces iFLEX and explains how the iFLEX Assistants are being developed based on AIAI Artificial Intelligence modelling of households and creation of digital twins as well as on deployment and validation [...]

12 December 2023|Categories: News|

Digital Energy Summit

The Slovene Consumers’ Association, ZPS is presenting iFLEX and the consumer perspective at the Digital Energy Summit which takes place in Ljubljana on 6-7 December 2023. The event connects the energy sector with the digital world, looking at [...]

10 October 2023|Categories: Event|

Paper accepted for SmartGridComm23

Project partners Intracom Telecom are presenting the paper: A fair selection strategy for residential Demand ResponseDemand Response Intentional change of normal consumption patterns by energy consumers in response to external price signals (implicit DR) or incentives to reduce or increase consumption (explicit DR). Both operations can be automated. participants at this year's SmartGridComm, IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids, which takes place in Glasgow, Scotland [...]

2 October 2023|Categories: Event|

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