iFLEX Assistant mobile app

The iFLEX mobile app helps you manage your home energy consumption, energy flexibility and energy performance. Check out the functions in the video.

iFLEX Assistant mobile app2023-03-15T12:54:57+01:00

Two iFLEX papers accepted in IEEE SmartGridComm’22

The papers cover the analysis of the incentive mechanisms in the Slovenian and Greek pilots and have been produced by Athens University of Economics and Business – the Services, Technologies and Economics Group.

Two iFLEX papers accepted in IEEE SmartGridComm’222022-10-13T12:45:01+01:00

Testing the iFLEX concept

To investigate consumer acceptance of the iFLEX concept, the project has conducted a public survey in the three pilot countries. The results show a general positive attitude towards offering energy flexibility and using iFLEX to manage it, as long as it does not conflict with comfort and the feeling of being in control.

Testing the iFLEX concept2022-08-18T15:34:46+01:00

What is happening in BRIDGE

Take a look at the recent conclusions and recommendations from the BRIDGE community on how to unlock energy flexibility in Europe.

What is happening in BRIDGE2023-07-04T08:18:56+01:00
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