This website is provided by the iFLEX project, which is also the legally responsible entity for its content and for the processing of any personal data collected and used to provide the required functionality for this website. Below you can read about our policy for processing of personal data relevant for users of this website.

The Privacy Policy covers:

  1. Which information we collect
  2. How this data is stored and processed
  3. Your rights
  4. How to contact us if you have any questions

1. Which information we collect

When you:

We collect:

For the purpose of:

By our website:

By third parties:

Visit the website

Your IP-address
Which browser you are using

Adapting the page view for you

Use embedded YouTube videos

Your IP-address
Which browser you are using

Adapting the rendering for you

Share content via social media buttons

Your IP-address
The day and time
The page you came from

Required by social media functionality

Use our contact form

Your name, email and other information you have entered

Responding to your contact request

Subscribe to our newsletter

Your name, email, subscription form used, date of subscription

Adding you to the relevant mailing list

2. How this data is stored and processed

Data collected by the website is stored on secure servers in the European Union. We have implemented procedures and tools that ensure safe storage. Data can only be accessed and processed by authorised personnel from project partner In-JeT ApS, who is managing the website on behalf of the iFLEX project.

We do not share any personal data with other organisations for marketing or other commercial purposes. Nonetheless, we may be required to relay your personal data if stipulated by applicable legislation.

Data collected by third-party services may be stored on servers in the U.S. Please see details for each service below.

Social plugins
We use social plugins (web buttons) on our website so that you can share content of our website under your profile in social network sites.
If you click on a button to share, a link will be established between our website and the social network to which you subscribe. Aside from the respective content, the social network provider will receive other personal information. This includes the information that you visit our website at that time.

We integrate the following social plug-in on our website:

Facebook Sharing of Facebook Ireland Limited
Sometimes, information is transmitted to the US domicile of the parent company Facebook Inc. Purpose and scope of the data collection and further processing and use of the data by Facebook and your user rights in your relationship with Facebook as well as your ability to influence your privacy rights by changing your browser settings are subject to your privacy agreement with Facebook. Please consult the Facebook Data Protection Statement.

LinkedIn Sharing (including SlideShare) of LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company
For more information, consult the LinkedIn Data Protection Declaration.

Twitter Sharing by the Twitter International Company
Sometimes, information is transmitted to the US parent company Twitter Inc. Twitter Inc. is registered with the US Privacy Shield* Program of the US Department of Trade. Please find more information on the data protection in the Twitter Data Protection Statement.

We embed YouTube videos on our website. YouTube is owned by Google Inc. When loading a page containing a video, YouTube will collect information about your visit and store this information on servers in the United States for an undetermined amount of time. This information may also be shared with third parties for a wide array of purposes, including serving you personalised advertisements.

Google complies with the data protection regulation of US Privacy Shield and is registered with the US Privacy Shield Program* of the US Department of Trade. You can find further information on the data protection in context with YouTube in the Google Data Protection Regulations.

We use MailChimp by The Rocket Science Group, LLC as our newsletter platform. When you enter data through our subscription form on the website (email, name), this information is stored on MailChimp servers in U.S.

To generate performance reports for email campaigns, Mailchimp places web beacons (tiny graphic files that contain unique identifiers) in the email campaigns to record actions from subscribers. These technologies record each subscriber’s email address, IP address, date, and time associated with each open and click for a campaign.

MailChimp is certified under Privacy Shield* between EU and the U.S which ensures compliance with the European data protection requirements. We have also signed a data processing agreement with MailChimp. In subscribing to our newsletter, you accept that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. Learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy practices.

*Please note that the EU-US Privacy Shield was ruled invalid by the European Court of Justice on 16 July 2020. We are awaiting further guidance from EU regulators and the FTC (including the arrival of the new standard contractual clauses from the EC and/or the creation of the Privacy Shield Mark 2 for US transfers).

3. Your rights

We respect your rights, and the data your share with us is yours. You have the right to access, rectify, export and object to the use of your personal data. Regarding your personal data collected, we can let you know:

  • The types of personal data that are processed
  • The purpose of the processing
  • The length of time the personal data is stored

And you can always request a copy of your personal data.

The following further principles are adhered to:

  • Your personal data is handled in a legitimate and transparent manner
  • Your personal data is handled with all necessary security measures
  • Only information with a specific, legitimate and clearly communicated purpose is collected
  • We only collect information that is relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purpose
  • We take care that your data is correct and updated
  • We only store your personal data as long as it is necessary for processing, or as required by the Regulation and by legislation
  • We ensure your access to our stored information about you, and you can always request that we erase it.

If you suspect or know of a breach of the data protection regulations, please contact us, see below. We review our Privacy Policy regularly and update it as needed. This website will reflect that.

4. How to contact us

If you have any concerns about the collection and processing of your personal data, please contact Trine F. Sørensen, the project’s Data Protection Officer at