About iFLEX

In the green energy transition, we as energy consumers play a key role in the balance between power generation and demand. Due to the fluctuating and unreliable nature of renewable sources such as sun and wind, the need is for flexible energy consumers who can adjust their consumption patterns accordingly, which means continuously and close to real-time.

The aim of the iFLEX project is to empower energy consumers by making it as easy as possible for them to participate in demand responseDemand Response Intentional change of normal consumption patterns by energy consumers in response to external price signals (implicit DR) or incentives to reduce or increase consumption (explicit DR). Both operations can be automated. programs, in which they adjust their energy consumption in response to signals or incentives coming from energy actors,  such as price signals or bonuses.

To support the consumer in managing when and how to be flexible, the project is developing an intelligent personal assistant, called the iFLEX Assistant. The assistant is a software agent which handles all the complexity of the system interactions, and which optimises the comfort, energy cost and environmental footprint on behalf of the consumer and according to consumer wishes. While the consumer has full control of the flexibility, the operation can be fully automated so that the consumer does not have to do anything on a daily basis.

Since the consumer is a determining factor in the creation of sustainable demand response, the project applies a user-centred approach, engaging the consumer in the design of the flexibility management service with special focus on the user experience, covering not only usability aspects but also analysing the motivational drivers and barriers.

Our pilots

The iFLEX framework and corresponding iFLEX Assistants will be demonstrated in three European countries, each with a different focus area.
More than 600 consumers will be part of the pilots, mainly consisting of private households and apartment buildings but also small industries and a supermarket.

Flexibility and holistic energy management

Helsinki & Oulu, Finland
Efficient operation of the distribution grid
Kozjansko & Savinjska Regions, Slovenia
Flexibility for energy market operation
Athens, Thessaloniki & Volos, Greece

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News & events

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12 December 2023|

In this podcast by Enlit, Project Coordinator Markus Taumberger introduces iFLEX and explains how the iFLEX Assistants are being developed based on AIAI Artificial Intelligence [...]

Digital Energy Summit

10 October 2023|

The Slovene Consumers’ Association, ZPS is presenting iFLEX and the consumer perspective at the Digital Energy Summit which takes place in Ljubljana on [...]